Connected By Crocker's

Connected by Crockers

Connected By Crocker's: Our New Line of Permanent Jewelry

Crossed arms with a bracelet on each wrist

What is Permanent Jewelry?

A collection of white gold and yellow gold chains, these bracelets do not have a clasp. Instead they are custom fit and welded together in-store to create a seamless look that stays securely on your wrist.

A great idea for bachelorette parties, girl's weekend, mother-daughter bonding, or anyone that you want to always be connected to. Make your appointment below to get started!

Get Connected in 3 Easy Steps

Start by making an appointment by clicking the button below. Come to the store during your scheduled time and select a chain that you love.

We will size it to fit your wrist and weld it for you on-the-spot!

Then you are all set! An easy and painless process.

Jeweler attaching permanent bracelet on person's wrist

Get started by making your appointment today!

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